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The past year has seen a gradual return to normalcy, or what many refer to as the “new normal.” In recent years, the commercial trucking business has seen considerable changes, with some positive trends coming in 2022, including the development of electric trucks and the availability of sophisticated safety systems. Customers were also able to see new products in person thanks to the revival of live trade exhibitions. So, what can we anticipate in 2023? Let’s look at some trends to keep an eye on.

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Fuel prices are likely to stay high in 2023, having a considerable influence on the trucking industry. Trucking businesses and fleets must decide whether to pay more for fuel or invest in long-term solutions such as electric cars, which can cut maintenance costs in the long run. International Truck can advise fleets on infrastructure and grants, as well as help them identify the best charging solutions to help them transition easily to electric cars.

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To accomplish environmental goals, several governments and municipalities prioritize minimizing vehicle emissions. To be comply with California Air Resources Board (CARB) laws, firms must develop decarbonization programs. By 2035, the Advanced Clean Trucks Act requires zero-emission truck/chassis sales to account for 75% of Class 4-8 straight truck sales and 40% of truck tractor sales. Large companies with more than 50 trucks must disclose shipments and shuttle services to assist in identifying strategies for purchasing available zero-emission trucks. From 2024 through 2035, manufacturers who certify Class 2B-8 chassis or entire vehicles with combustion engines must offer an increasing percentage of zero-emission trucks. Electric cars can help with decarbonization, but there are worries about their long-term viability as a regional trucking option. International Truck is dedicated to developing electric vehicle and charging infrastructure in 2023 and beyond.

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The main focus of emerging technology has been electric automobiles, but other advances are also interesting for 2023. OnCommand Connection provides actionable intelligence on a variety of data points, and this comprehensive remote diagnostics tool provides businesses with important insights for increased uptime and lower total cost of ownership.

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The truck driver shortage has been a source of concern for the business, but higher compensation and benefits have attracted more candidates, which will help to alleviate the shortage by 2022. This trend is projected to continue in 2023, especially as more commercial driving school graduates. The broader economy will also have an impact on the shortage. When demand for goods falls, so does demand for drivers. This, paired with higher compensation, could mean that trucking businesses will finally have enough drivers by 2023.


Another risk that could hinder vehicle and spare part availability in 2023 is the continued worldwide supply chain disruption caused by the COVID-19 epidemic. Due to shipment delays, port congestion, and labor shortages, many firms have experienced delays and shortages. These interruptions have had a substantial impact on the commercial trucking industry, as vehicle manufacturers and suppliers have struggled to get raw materials and components.

Furthermore, the continuous semiconductor chip scarcity has hampered truck production and may continue to do so in 2023. This scarcity has also resulted in the temporary shutdown of numerous assembly factories, compounding supply chain restrictions.

Trucking companies and fleets may need to change their procurement methods and hunt for alternative suppliers to offset the impact of supply chain interruptions. They may also need to keep more inventory than usual to guarantee they have access to the required parts and equipment.

Furthermore, a truck driver scarcity has exacerbated supply chain limitations. Due to a lack of drivers, fleets may be unable to function at full capacity, resulting in delays and increased costs.

Overall, the trucking industry will continue to confront supply chain disruptions, rising fuel costs, and an ongoing driver shortage in 2023. Companies that remain adaptable and adapt to these problems, on the other hand, are likely to thrive in the changing marketplace. International Truck and iTA Truck Sales & Service is committed to helping the industry prosper in the coming years by delivering innovative solutions and dependable service.


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