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Part 1) Technology has revolutionized the way iTA interacts with and supports their customers. The iTA App.

Commercial truck dealership apps have revolutionized the way customers purchase and maintain commercial trucks and trailers.  The iTA app can offer a range of benefits to customers. Here are some ways customers have increaseed productivity, lowered expenses and benefited from the ease of doing business thru the iTA App:

  1. Convenience:  customers have quick and easy access to information about new and used truck inventory. This includes product descriptions, specifications, and pricing, as well as the ability to compare different vehicles and make informed purchasing decisions. With the app, customers can access this information from anywhere, at any time, from the convenience of their smartphone or tablet.

  2. Scheduling Service and Real-Time Service Updates:  System integration enables customers to stay on top of truck maintenance and easy service scheduling with just a few clicks.    With International 360 customers can receive real-time updates about the status of their vehicles during service appointments. This can help to improve communication between iTA and customers while providing customers with peace of mind knowing that their vehicles are being taken care of

  3. Ordering parts: Order from an extensive inventory of quality truck parts.  Log into  Repairlink for exclusive discounts. Why Order Online? Get the right part, while saving you time and money!
    • Best-in-class part illustrations & technical diagrams with Real-time online order updates
    • VIN-based, part numer or category look-ups and 24/7 online ordering from any device
    • Dealership pricing, inventory availability & exclusive online offers only available thru Repairlink
  4. Leasing and rentals:  get the vehicle specs you need, predictable maintenance costs, priority service and 24/7 roadside assistance. 
  5. Specials & Discounts:  Save money with exclusive service, parts, rental and inventory specials.  Streamlined purchasinging process allowing customers to make purchases from their smartphones or tablets. This can help to reduce the amount of time and effort required to complete these transactions and improve the overall customer experience.

  6. Better Customer Support: Provide customers with better customer support by providing a more visual and interactive way to engage with their sales reps or customer service to answer any questions in real time or get you to the right department.  

In conclusion, the iTA app offers a range of benefits to our customers. Download the app today to take advantage of these benefits that increases productivity, lowers expenses and experience the ease of doing business with iTA Truck Sales and Service.

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